About Caleb

Caleb is always working, to his wife's chagrin. He will happily consult with a bride at his favorite Indianapolis eatery, taking notes in crayon, while drinking a Sunking Cream Ale (see picture). Caleb has spent seven years as a full time wedding caterer. However, Caleb can't let a wedding go wrong - so he has also been a part time florist, designer, wedding decorator, DJ, photographer, dress fitter, corsage-pinner, stain-remover, car accident stand-in, and even one brief interlude as an officiant (ask him, it's quite the tale!). Through over 1,000 weddings, Caleb has seen 1,000 beautiful days - filled with love, joy, and happiness (and Sunking Cream Ale). He's also seen 1,000 ways a wedding can almost go wrong - and he won't let any of them happen to you.


About Jessica

Jessica spent her first wedding crying her way down the aisle. Good news - she was 8 and the flower girl, so everything's fine. Her love of storytelling pushed her to the theatre - her love of a steady paycheck pushed her into other things. Jessica has spent years planning lavish birthdays and over-the-top holiday parties (ask her about New Years, its her favorite!). When she told her friends about a potential career change to event planning, everyone responded in the same way - 'duh'. Through it all, Jessica has believed in one simple principle: commitment to a theme. Shooting for a particular aesthetic? Have a crazy idea? Jessica quite literally is begging you to tell her all about it so she can figure out how to pull it off with way more champagne than you imagined.

About Us

Caleb and Jessica met on the porch at a Halloween party at Indiana University in 2011. Nine years, hundreds of parties, and thousands of arguments later, they have come to agree on three universal truths:

1. Creative endeavors are better with a bottle of red wine.

2. You can never commit too hard to a bit.

3. They both work better when the other one's around.

Together, they will (literally) not sleep until they ensure your event is perfect. Join them for a bottle of red wine (or white if you must) and talk about they can best work for you.